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Professional Commendations

My name is Erik and I am a touring actor, director, and teacher where I travel to a new town across the United States every week to teach up to sixty children an hour long musical.  In my time working this job, I have traveled to over sixty separate communities, where I have taught over 3500 kids in schools across the United States.

 From the moment I arrived to Lourdes school, the kids demonstrated a high level of respect, hard work, kindness, talent, and intelligence.  There was little to no need for any type of discipline as they were all immediately attentive and respectful to me and the material I taught them.  They were good-hearted, cooperative, and tenacious students who illustrated a strong sense of community and teamwork. 

If there was ever any question as to whether or not the Lourdes Public Charter School provides them with a strong education, know that, from the outside perspective of a person who has been to a multitude of schools across the United States, these were some of the best kids I have had the pleasure to work with.

Erik Montague

Missoula Children’s Theatre

Tour/Actor Director

My name is Kelly Thibodeaux and I recently completed an Artist in Residence program at the Lourdes Public Charter School.  The students all learned the necessary skills to be able to play at least two complete tunes on a fiddle (violin) and enough sound effects to illustrate a short Louisiana folk story.  I teach all over the state and found these kids to be unusually receptive and enthusiastic to the instruction, and this was made even more evident by their final performance.


Kelly Thibodeaux

Lane Art Council








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