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The Lourdes Education Foundation
501(c)(3) Corporation

The purpose of the foundation is to provide a source of funds for The Lourdes School for unanticipated and extraordinary expenses, including capital expenditures, that cannot be paid for by "public funds", as defined in ORS Chapter 338, or where public funds are either unavailable or inadequate to fulfill the purposes of the Lourdes School, within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3)of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986: and

To be the repository of all gifts of money, assets and property, which school be accounted for and kept separate from public funds of the Lourdes School, within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986; and

To support in any way necessary the educational mission and operations of The Lourdes School, both as a charter school and, if necessary, as a private school in the event The Lourdes Charter School ceases to exist as a charter school.

The Lourdes Education Foundation is managed by a five member Board of Directors. At least three members, must be from the Board of Directors of the school. The members are elected to a five year term of office by members of the Foundation Board.

IMMEDIATE GOAL: Provide general budget funds equal to the amount required by the Scio School District to administer the Lourdes Charter School; thereby insuring that Lourdes Charter School students are on par with other Scio School District students for education dollars.

SHORT TERM GOAL: Achieve a sustaining fund balance equal to one year's operating budget for the Lourdes Charter School; thereby providing time to acquire alternate funding in the event state education dollars are no longer available.

LONG TERM GOAL: Achieve a sustaining fund balance that will generate adequate income to provide continuous funding for the Lourdes Charter School general operating budget without use of the sustaining fund principle.

Current Activities
CHRISTMAS MAILING: Each year the Lourdes Charter School mails a card to the over 300 families on the mailing list.

CONCERT: Lourdes Education Foundation sponsored a benefit concert by Micheal Allen Harrison and Julianne Johnston at the Star Cinema in Stayton, Oregon.

Bi-annual newsletters are sent to families on the mailing list and recipients are given an opportunity to donate.

The Foundation has made the following donations to the school:

  • Year-end School Deficit - largest was $30,000
  • Michael Allen Harrison Concerts at Star Cinema
  • Bi-annual Newsletter
  • Legal Opinions
  • Speech Tournaments
  • Accelerated Reader
  • LED Lights
  • Library Books

Lourdes Education Foundation
Attn: Linda Duman
39059 Jordan Road
Scio, OR 97374



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