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Community Survey

This year the Lourdes Charter School surveyed the parents and community members on their reasons for continuing their support for Lourdes Charter School:

"The education is better in smaller schools. If a student has a problem in a subject it can be caught sooner in a smaller school."

"The greatest assets for Lourdes Charter School are the dedication and flexibility of the staff supported and guided by the community."

"Lourdes was an established successful school prior to becoming a charter school. This may influence other schools interested."

"The friendships I will always remember. The classes were small enough you were almost a family."

"The library is so convenient for the community to use - it should be advertised on the web."

"Good teachers and volunteers"

"individual attention to students when needed."

"The one on one with students. Moral ethics, true caring among the staff, discipline, quality of education."

"Lourdes Charter School is one of a kind. When we attended an open house it is exceptional what they accomplish."

"The smaller size of the student body is a definite advantage, but the teaching staff's willingness to serve and wear many hats- is the main reason the school is so successful. A charter school must have dedicated teachers to succeed. Also the teachers must have the education and necessary training."

"We are interested in Lourdes Charter School because we like to see the local children receive the best education possible."

"Learning how to play many different card games during rainy day recesses. I have been able to pass on my love of games to my family."

"My love of reading comes from many years of reading many, many books during my grade school education. Spelling and memorization has helped out a lot in my job."

"The best thing about my Lourdes education is that it was an education - not an indoctrination. I learned how to learn, and developed skills that I could use to effectively communicate. At the time I did not realize how lucky I was to not have secular materialism foisted on me at every opportunity. Thank you for your commitment to real education!"

"Involvement of parents in the educational process. Parents were active in many ways: I saw people doing clerical work, acting as assistants, cooking, etc.."

"The children seemed more relaxed and "at home" than in most schools. Teacher interactions surely helped here, very creative."

"Very low teacher-student ratio with an emphasis on individual skills and a lot of loving, positive reinforcement."

"The excellent, talented, well-rounded young people I have watched come from Lourdes and excel at Regis. This answer seems clumsy but I can count on Lourdes students to be special as they move through high school."

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