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Lourdes Charter School Library

The Lourdes Public Charter School Library is open to the public. All parents are issued a library number when their child registers at the school. Community members are also encouraged to use the library and are issued a library number upon request. At this time, [by appointment] community members can use the library, and are free to use the computers that are on a DSL line.

This year the Lourdes Public Charter School is hosting the Linn Library League Book Mobile. It stops at the school every Wednesday evening from 6:30pm to 8pm from June through October.

The League is also sponsoring a Summer Reading Program. Lourdes Public School is also hosting this program and all students in the local area are invited to attend this program on Wednesday evenings, June 23-July 28, from 7-8pm at the school.

The library is currently using Destiny library software.  This enables students to browse the library materials on the internet from any location.  There is also WebPath Express which gives students instant access to thousands of relevant, grade-appropriate internet sites with just one search directly from Destiny.

The school also uses Accelerated Reader to enhance and track the library reading program.



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