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Lourdes Public Charter School


Policy Book


Table of Contents


June 2005

(by section)



Section 1 Introduction


Restated Bylaws of The Lourdes School

Charter Proposal

Charter School Agreement


Section 2 Board


Lourdes Mission


Americans with Disabilities Act


Section 3 Administration



Administrator Job Description

Bookkeeper Job Description

Certified Staff Job Description

Custodian Job Description

Education Assistant Job Description

Evaluation of the Administrator

Administrator Evaluation Program Goal Setting

Administrator Evaluation Program Goal Evaluation


Section 4 Fiscal Management



Bonded Employees and Officers


Payroll Procedures

Payroll Procedures

Advance Salary Payments

Expense Reimbursements

Travel Expenditures – Reimbursement Claim

Section 5 Support Services


Support Services Goals

Health and Safety

Safety and Emergency Planning

Emergency Plans

Accidents/Injury Assistance and Reporting Procedures

Administering Medicines to Students

Handling and Disposing of Contaminated Fluids

First Aid Treatment for Insect Bites

First Aid

Buildings and Grounds Inspection

Safety Inspection Report

Water Sampling Site Plan

Sample Public Notice – Total Coliform

Total Coliform Rule

Total Coliform Sampling Requirements

Hazard Communication Program

Handling and Disposing of Contaminated Fluids

Emergency Procedures and Disaster Plans

Accident/Incident Reports

Student Accident Report Form

Employee Accident Report Form

School Closures

Student Transportation in Private Vehicles

Copyright Policy

Data Management


Section 6 Personnel


General Personnel Policies

Equal Employment Opportunity

Alcohol/Controlled Substance Use

Staff Health and Safety

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Staff – HIV, AIDS and HBV

Drug-Free Workplace

Tobacco Use

Personnel Records

Staff Complaints

Summary of Complaint Procedure

Written Complaint Notice Form

Written Appeal Form


Section 6 Personnel (cont.)


Harassment Investigation Procedures

Witness Disclosure Form

Licensed Staff Positions

Licensed Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans

Associated Payroll Costs

Leaves and Absences

Criminal Records Checks/Fingerprinting

Substitute Teachers

Staff Development – Licensed

Evaluation of Staff

Continued Employment

Discipline and Dismissal of Licensed Staff

Organizational Chart

Hiring of Classified Personnel

Notice of Employment

Position Assignment Notification


Section 7 Instruction


Instruction Goals

Academic Freedom

School Day

Curriculum Development

Special Education

Instructional Resources/Instructional Materials

Public Complaints About Instructional Materials

Summary of Complaint Procedure

Written Complaint Notice Form

Written Appeal Form

Guidance Program

Academic Achievement

Parent-Teacher Conferences/P.I.E.

P.I.E. Personalized Individual Education

Personalized Individual Education Form

Grade Reduction

Retention of Students

Retention Form

Double Promotion

Evaluation of Instructional Programs

Program Review Forms



Section 8 Students


Lourdes Admission and Lottery Policy

Lourdes Admission and Lottery Procedures

Equal Educational Opportunities

Students Rights and Responsibilities

Harassment of Students

Summary of Complaint Procedure

Written Complaint Notice Form

Written Appeal Form

Compulsory Attendance

Early Entrance

Student Attendance Accounting

Student’s Excused Absences and Tardies



Student Dismissal Precautions

Release Time for Religious Instruction

Student Conduct

Student Handbook

Expectations at Lourdes Public Charter School

School Rules

Acceptable Use Policy

Classroom Connect Permission Form

Severe Disciplinary Problems


Student Dress and Grooming

Use of Tobacco, Alcohol or Drugs

Use of Tobacco

Weapons in the School

Elimination of Drugs and Alcohol

Student Searches and Questioning

Student Discipline

Corporal Punishment

Discipline of Disabled Students

Student Health Services and Requirements

Students – HIV and HBV

Administering Medicines/First Aid to Students

Over-the-counter Medications Form

Student Fees, Fines and Charges

Education Records

Directory Information

Personally Identifiable Information


Section 9 Community Relations


Parent-Teacher Club/Staff/Board Communication Policy

Volunteer Application Form

Community Use of Facilities

Smoking by Public

Public Complaints

Public Complaints About Personnel

Public Complaints

Summary of Complaint Procedure

Written Complaint Notice

Written Appeal